Right now I attend yoga classes 5-6 days a week @ a studio in Aliso Viejo called Corepower Yoga. My favorite classes are Sculpt, & Hot Power Fusion. I like to switch off classes and go every other day, so I can use different muscle groups. Sometimes boy C comes with me, he prefers Sculpt.

Sculpt class is an intermediate-level CorePower Yoga 2 class with free weights; 90* – 95* degrees with humidity.

The workout includes: plyometrics, cardio, yoga, and weight-lifting all in one hour! This is my favorite workout class out of any I have taken in my whole life. I have never had such a good workout- one that is this much fun and feels soooo good! I leave this class drenched in sweat and feeling ALIVE! Once I get home I am already thinking about which class I will be going to the next day! I am kind of addicted to the “yogi high” LOL

Hot Power Fusion is a combination of Power Vinyasa yoga and the 26 static postures of the traditional Hot Yoga class; 97 degrees with humidity, 60 minutes. This class does wonders for my back! When I have had a restless night and thus knots in my shoulderblades (we sleep with our 3 dogs… or shall I say the dogs sleep and we toss and turn?!) But the postures and stretching that we do in this class really digs out all those tough knots in my back, not to mention makes all my joints feel a lot better. I also leave this class completely drenched in sweat! LOVE! It is one of my favorite ways to de-stress.


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