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Wow, our little Hayden turned four weeks old this week on Wednesday! All new Mommies say it, but holy crap time flies!!!!! I can’t believe she is one month old.

Week four has been a much better week due to the fact that Hayden is sleeping a little better during the night (when she doesn’t sleep too much during the day), and that her little tummy is full. I am breast feeding her each time she is hungry before I offer the bottle, as I am trying to build my supply back up. She latches great and will nurse for about 10-20 minutes, but if its right after she wakes up and is really hungry, she gets frustrated after about 5 and pulls off with her fists waving all about.

The formula we have been using is the kind they had in the NICU… the kind I got upset with her caretaker for giving her without my permission. I chose this kind because its instant, no water needed and they are packaged in ready to go 2 oz. bottles that you just have to attach a nipple.

It’s a blend of soy and cow’s milk. I would have grabbed non-dairy but the first time I picked these up I had rushed to the store leaving a very hungry and upset Hayden to be consoled by Grandma and Daddy. I just grabbed the first thing I knew to be good (because I remembered it from the hospital) and INSTANT gratification (I don’t know how to use the powders, and we don’t have a bottle warmer etc.), So to avoid trying to figure all of the powdered directions, I figured a soy blend would do and bolted home to get her fed. We introduced the bottle by placing it’s [Medela] nipple right up next to my nipple, held her in the breastfeeding position, and it worked! Thanks to Grandma for the helpful instructions on that.. getting a baby to take a bottle for the first time is another challenge in itself. Hayden drank two bottles back to back. She has now been eating on average 4 oz. every 2-3 hours. So we go through 2 packs of these little formula bottles per day. Its about $20 a day in formula. I just checked on amazon and they have some good deals…. but Im really hoping to just increase the supply nature has given me. I can think of a lot of other things I could spend $20 a day on… but if my milk doesn’t come back *tear* we will continue to buy this kind as Hayden likes it, and is no longer spitting up from it, nor does she have an upset tummy from it.

We bought this really cool bottle – the brand is called Como Tomo. Hayden loves this bottle… the bottle itself feels soft like a boob! It has a very wide nipple also very similar to a natural nipple. It also doesn’t let any air get through so we avoid gas and colic etc.

Hayden has been sticking her tongue out a lot this week. I like to give her little kisses on her lips and when I do she sticks her tongue out and licks my lips! It is so adorable! I kiss her little lips about 1000 times a day! 🙂

Her forehead is very dry and flakey and she has also lost all of the hair on the very top of her head.

She now only has hair in the back and the sides…. Chase says she has “male pattern baldness” I was unaware that was even a term men used when their hair was thinning… but we both find it pretty funny that if she didn’t have a pretty headband on her head she would have an old mans head at four weeks old. I was told this was very common with babies, and that it will grow back lighter and thicker.

This week she has been sleeping from about 8:30- 1 or 2, and then from there its who knows… some nights after she first wakes up its nearly impossible to get her back to sleep.. (and I think this is from her sleeping too long during the day) and other nights she will go back to sleep from 2- 4 and then she usually wakes up again around 6 and then she is up. When the sun has risen, so has Hayden. Its tough to find a compromise for her sleep times, because she either sleeps really well during the day or night but definitely not both. I like it when she sleeps during the day so I have time to get things done like showering, laundry, blogging, cleaning up after our other three babies (the dogs) or driving home from SD ~

Usually if I get a lot done during the day I get no sleep that night. hmphhh…

I do realize these months blow by so I’m just trying to take it all in and enjoy it instead of stress about not getting something done. That is life when you have a baby. Hell, thats life even when you don’t have a baby. We all just need to be more in the moment! I have to remind myself of that daily.

Well that is it for me… I got a lot of things done today… so guess that means tomorrow I will have bags under my eyes like the bags I pack when I go out of town for two days. And uhhh… women like me don’t pack light! 😉 Good night y’all!

xoxo Jennifer

Do you take naps with your baby?

Did your baby lose any hair? How did you help it grow back? How long did it take?

What is your favorite bottle? 

Thoughts on brands of formula?