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Wow I have gotten behind! Week 2 was a very challenging week!

( I wrote this post during week 2, obviously I wasn’t able to post it on time, but I would like to post it now for any Mommy’s currently going through week 2)

In case your wondering why she has a blue hand… its a bruise from the IV that she had while in the NICU and Pediatrics at the hospital. Poor baby 😦

Chase’s had some business meetings down in SD, so we packed up the whole family (including the dogs) and went down to the Hard Rock twice this week. On top of all of that, Hayden has been pretty fussy this week. She will sleep from 11pm until about 3am just fine and then game over. We will sit in bed with her boppy and nurse, but as soon as she falls asleep and I put her in her bed she wakes up and cries. It seems like she wants to nurse or be held every moment of the day, and don’t get me wrong there is nothing I would love more than to just hold her all day but it is tough to get anything else done, much less sleep.  Showering and getting ready used to take me about an hour before, has become an all morning and half of the afternoon process. I can do my makeup with her in the K’tan (her favorite!), but I don’t want to blow-dry or flat-iron my hair with her in there. So I get ready in segments… a little bit at a time.

Last night I tried a new approach with bed time. Sleep when your baby sleeps. I went to bed at 8pm right when Hayden fell asleep. She woke up at 1:30am, 4am, and 6:30am. Since I went to bed earlier I was able to get a few extra hours of sleep which is making me feel so much better today! Looks like my new bedtime is whatever time she falls asleep. I am not going to attempt a schedule for a few more weeks as I’ve heard it is best not to, and I would rather just go with the flow right now.

Hayden already has great control of her neck ~ I think from using the K’tan ~ she really likes to look around while she is in it. We have practiced tummy time several times now on her play mat, she will only do a few minutes before fussing but its a start! She really likes to look in the mirror at her reflection while in her playmat as well.

We took a chance and went out to dinner with another couple on a Friday night in Hollywood. Hayden loves the K’tan and every time I have her in it she is passes out, so I figured why not just wear her out to dinner. It worked perfectly. Hayden slept through our whole evening out (we were only out for about a total of 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours) Chase and I couldn’t believe how well our first night out with her went! YAY!

What was your first experience like eating out with a baby?

Sleep when baby sleeps? Or get things done? 

Do you use your carrier as much as I do? I don’t go anywhere without it!