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So every Wednesday Hayden turns another week older. In my Birth Story Part II I was confused what day of the week it was (new mom thing?) and so I thought we were one day ahead of where we are now when I wrote, “Hayden turned 1 week old yesterday.”

Still following me? I didn’t think so. Haha, anyways… YESTERDAY Hayden turned 1 week old!

We took her to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica for a little shopping, and she wasn’t a huge fan of her carseat on the drive there. Once we made it through about 5 years of traffic, we unpacked all of her things- i.e~ stroller, diaper bag, blankets, and the k’tan carrier. Hayden isn’t a very big fan of her stroller yet either, she prefers to be held. Thank God for the K’tan.

I just wrap her up and wear her everywhere, that way she gets to be snuggled in all close to her Mommy just how she likes it. How can you blame her? Snuggling is one of the best things to do, isn’t it?! More advantages: I get to be hands free, and I can check on my baby at all times just by looking down.

Hayden eats pretty much all the time right now. So right when we got to the mall, she already needed to nurse. Daddy needed to do some work on his computer, so we stopped for a coffee at The Coffee Bean and he used their wireless internet to get some things done while I took Hayden to the lady’s room. I am not a fan of nursing in public.  I stood by the diaper changing area in the lady’s room for about a half hour while I had a blanket draped over my chest and Hayden filled up!

Because she eats so often, she also needs her diaper changed often (about 10 times a day?!) Many times when she is nearly finished nursing she will let out what Chase and I call the machine gun… her poops just kind of sound like an explosion in her diaper. Breastmilk poops however are much easier to clean up than formula poops! Another perk about breastfeeding! Seriously, the benefits breasts provide…. just endless… and men like them too! More win-win! 😉 (just FYI breastmilk also helps with cradle cap and healing sore cracked nipples)

Hayden has been an easy baby her first week with us! She basically just eats, sleeps, poops, and snuggles. She does cry when her outfit or diaper is being changed.

  • She likes her bouncer, for only about 5 minutes.
  • She hated the swing until today, she has been napping in it for about two hours.
  • She sleeps in her rock n play sleeper next to our bed, or I have her snuggle in bed right next to me. Like I said before she is the most content when she is being held or snuggled.
  • The paci- she isn’t really a fan of, but I got her to take it yesterday on the way home from the mall while she was in her carseat.
  • She sleeps for about 2-4 hours each night, wakes up to nurse, and goes right back to sleep. She has had several days where she cluster feeds, and also uses my boob as a paci- she just likes to have it in her mouth but won’t really be sucking.
  • She loves to suck on her hands.
  • She just started spitting up a little bit when she burps, doesn’t happen very often tho.
  • We think her eyes are going to be blue! They look dark blue right now, so we are anxious to see if they are still blue in a few months 🙂
  • Her belly button stub fell off when she was 6 days old.

Well that is about it for week 1 for Hayden! I can’t believe here I am doing weekly baby posts! I vividly remember the days when I thought pregnancy posts would never end!

Hayden’s week 1 baby pictures ~

Have a great Thursday!

xoxo Jennifer