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This is my pregnant belly the last day I was pregnant. 

Tuesday evening, May 1st, 2012, I went in for my induction @ 8pm. Once we got to the hospital, I filled out some paperwork and then waited for the nurses to get my room ready. Once we got into the room, it was nearly 8:45pm. The nurses gave me a gown to put on and took my blood pressure.

I laid down in the hospital bed, and they strapped a fetal heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor around my belly.

Chase made sure we had lots of entertainment (in case labor took an eternity), with movies pre-downloaded on our computers and his internet air cards..

A few minutes later the doctor came in and explained again how the induction was going to go. They were going to insert a tablet into my cervix called “Cervadil” which would dissolve and cause contractions over a 12 hour period which would help me to dilate. The doctor explained that its a slow process and most likely I would be fully dilated sometime late the following morning, and if I wasn’t we would need to try another Cervadil tablet and wait 12 more hours. If Cervadil wasn’t effective we would start Pitocen. After she explained all of this to me (about 10pm), she measured my cervix, which was finally dilated to 1cm! Then I received my first membrane sweep. After this, contractions had begun.

At around 11pm, they hooked me up to an IV. Then my nurse inserted the Cervadil. (fyi, to me Cervadil didn’t seem like a tablet of any kind, but rather a long stringy tampon looking thing that was stuffed up my cervix) About 15-20 minutes later contractions started getting noticeably stronger. I just laid in the bed and I would turn from side to side as the contractions hit about 5 minutes apart. Two hours had gone by, and the contractions were growing stronger and stronger. I was starting to feel some really heavy pain. I told the nurse measure my cervix again because these contractions are no joke! Now I was at 3cm! Each time the contraction would hit I would turn over to my side and grab onto the rail of the hospital bed and try to brace myself. I knew I shouldn’t get an epidural until I was at least 5cm. I asked the nurse for some pain medication because it was beginning to be too much for me to bear. She inserted 25 mg of Demerol into my IV. Despite the Demerol, the contractions grew even stronger and I didn’t feel any sort of relief. I asked her please give me more or something else, because its not working! So she inserted 25mg more of Demerol. She checked my cervix again, and I was at 5cm! My whole body was shaking! I even felt the urge to push! Chase had to keep reminding me to breath because during each contraction I would hold my breath almost like it would help fight the pain.

I told my nurse, please give me the epidural!!! She said, I’m sorry but we can not give you an epidural because we have to do that in Labor & Delivery. Labor & Delivery is very busy right now and they don’t have any room for you. You weren’t supposed to dilate this quickly, there is nothing we can do right now so you will have to wait! WAIT?! I was in so much pain I could.not.wait! I told her this baby is going to come out of me right now, BRING ME TO LABOR & DELIVERY!!!! So the nurse brought in a wheel chair and off we went to Labor & Delivery. Good thing because once we got there, they measured my cervix and I was at 8cm! My doctor came in and was so surprised that I was already in Labor & Delivery, said she had never seen anyone progress that quickly. I practically begged her for an epidural and she informed me, “Honey, there is not enough time. Your baby will be born before an epidural will even have a chance to run through your body and do its job.” That was the worst news for me as I felt like my body was going to rip in half. I didn’t know if I could handle anymore pain.

I kept having the urge to push, even though I wasn’t at 10cm yet. The doctor warned me, “You are going to tear if you push right now because your body isn’t ready yet! And if that happens I will have a huge mess to clean up down there and that isn’t good for you or me.”

I was so frustrated because I wasn’t trying to push, my body was doing it on its own. I couldn’t control it! But I definitely didn’t want to tear!

The doctor checked my cervix again and I was at 9cm, moments later 9 1/2.

My body kept having these convulsions and was pushing and there was nothing I could do about it. But finally I made it to 10cm.

The doctor said with each contraction you have to push. We will all (she, several nurses, and Chase) count to 10 and when we do, you push as hard as you can for all of those ten seconds. I had my legs spread apart and I was holding my knees in towards my armpits.

I pushed and pushed and pushed and finally when the baby’s head was crowning (and I was in between contractions) I felt like the baby’s head was going to come out of my butt. Her head was so low in my pelvis area and there was so much pressure right about where my butt was. I don’t remember this, but Chase told me I said to the doctor, “Wait, something is wrong! The baby is coming out of my butt! The baby is coming out of my butt!” hahaha! I definitely felt like my butt was going to detach from my body if I pushed one more time.

Nonetheless, I pushed a few more times, and at 3:53am Hayden came out with the cord wrapped around her neck. I had originally planned to let it pulsate and have all of the antibodies exit from the placenta into her body before it was cut, but due to it being around her neck we had to clip it right away. After they clipped it, Chase clipped it again closer to her body. They wiped Hayden down and then brought her over to me and placed her on my chest for skin to skin contact. Then the doctor then massaged the bottom of my stomach and waited for the placenta to come out. This also didn’t feel very good.

I couldn’t believe I finally had my baby in my arms! I was just so shocked to finally be holding the little being that had been growing inside of me for the past nine months. I stared at her in disbelief. I just had a baby! She was everything I had ever dreamed her to be and more.

The doctor asked me if I wanted to see the placenta, but I said no. I asked the doctor if I tore and would need stitches and she said there was no tearing at all! No tearing, and no epidural – two of the things I thought would for sure be happening. My labor lasted about 4-5 hours total. Thank God it was short, because I don’t think I could have made it for 30-40 hours like some women. Props to women out there who had really long labors, if mine would have been any longer than what it was I might be dead! lol.

To be continued with Birth Story Part II …