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Hey there! Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday! I had a very busy day yesterday, but I wanted to share the news from my doctor appointment! I did end up having a cervical exam, and to my surprise the doctor said my cervix is still closed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Secondly, after measuring me they said my uterus is measuring at 37 weeks. Third, my due date has been pushed back two days so it is now 4/30, instead of the 4/28 (which was according to my last month’s period.) And lastly, the doctor said I will probably need to be induced. He gave me the “first time babies generally like to stay in past their due date” convo.. so he wasn’t surprised that was the case with me. He went on to say that he doesn’t like to let women go past 40+3, so if I will be induced the likely date will be set for May 3. I definitely don’t want to be pregnant any longer than 40 weeks so I will happily take an induction on May 3. I guess it looks like we have a tiny bit longer to go before meeting Hayden ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Luckily I am not too bummed because with our “big news” in the works I won’t mind having the extra cushion of time with her nestled safely in mah belly.

Yesterdays hair appointment was so long because I got a lot done! It started at noon and took nine hours! Yea nine!!!!!! You should have seen my passenger seat ~ it was a stash of snacks, granted I didn’t eat it all but still – it was a sight. I brought my morning fruit smoothie, about 5 water bottles, a greek yogurt, 2 granola bars, an apple, Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk cookies, and I stopped at Mother’s Market (the best whole foods grocery store ever! omg how I wish there was one in LA, they are like Whole Foods only 1000x better…. is that possible?) At Mother’s I picked up some curried tofu and squash from the hot food bar and a container of raw vegan chocolate mousse (Leaf Life By Chocolate Mousse: made of cashews, coconut, agave, raisins, raw cacao, and salt)

They also carry this at Whole Foods… this is my one of my faves right now… delicious!! I’ll have to take a pic of the actual mousse next time, as I gobbled it up way too fast to care about a pic. oops. I am going to try to re-create this for the blog soon. I’m sure you guys will love it!

Anyways, my hair appointment was at a salon called Tease which is located in Costa Mesa.

Who remembers this girl from myspace years ago?

Yea me neither. haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well anyways, God knows how, but somehow I found Tease Salon through this character, and booked my first appointment back in 2009. ย I really loved the way my color and extensions turned out… so naturally I rebooked there this time around.

[btw: just in case you can’t put your finger on that girls name, its Forbidden. Forbidden from??? Reality? I’m not quite sure… ]

*my extensions circa 2009*

So my appointment yesterday was originally just for highlights, base, and extensions. The coloring ended up taking about five hours, and the extensions took four. ย This is what I had done: a corrective color (to remove the silver pigment I had from using purple shampoo), all over thinly woven highlights, bleach base, gloss treatment (to put back the luster my hair lost with the corrective color), conditioning treatment, a blow-dry, and then I had 5 bundles of all over individual extensions put in. I was exhausted by the time my stylist was finished, and so was she. What a transformation tho, I feel like I got a total makeover. It felt really good to be pampered! Who knows when I will have the time for something like that again after baby, so good thing I don’t have to do any maintenance on my extensions for another 3 or 4 months. Now I will have to watch out for baby H yanking on them all the time… luckily I like my hair pulled off to one side in a side braid or loose pony so I’m sure I will be doing that once she discovers her hands. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is how it turned out: (sorry they aren’t very clear… I’m using my phone as you can see)

Well ~ there you are with a short update from my week 38 doctor visit and a very random update on my hair! Hope I didn’t bore you too much. Have a great day today!!

xoxo Jennifer

What do you think about hair extensions?

What do you usually have done when you are at the hair salon? How often?

How long do your appointments take?

What is your favorite health foods store and what is your favorite thing to buy at the hot food bar?