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Mmmm Coconut milk. Smooth and creamy …. and so incredibly good for you!

Here is a little background on coconut milk according to coconut-milk.biz:

Coconut milk is a sweet, milky white cooking base derived from the meat of a mature coconut. The color and rich taste of the coconut milk can be attributed to the high oil content and sugars. Many people confuse it with the liquid found inside a coconut; that is most commonly known as “coconut water”. Coconut milk, as called for in recipes, is taken from the meat of the coconut. The fresh meat can be squeezed directly or it can be grated and mixed with hot water and then squeezed dried. The first squeezing is known either as coconut cream as well, or ‘thick’ coconut milk. The second time it is soaked in hot water and squeezed is known as ‘thin’ coconut milk.

With all of that said… the thick portion of canned coconut milk makes some fabulous all natural whipped creme.

Coconut Whipped Creme 


  • 1 can full fat coconut milk (I used Whole Foods Everyday 365 brand, don’t use light or this won’t work!)
  • 1 packet of stevia (optional)

All you have to do is open a can of full-fat coconut milk and let it sit uncovered overnight in the fridge.  The milk in your can will separate the thin and thick parts. So in the morning, scoop off the thick top layer [the creme], put it into a bowl, and discard the rest.

For some the creme is sweet enough as is, but if not you can add a little stevia. If you use an electric mixer your creme will become nice and fluffy with little peaks ~ great for presentation.

Or if you have no one to impress, just whip it for a minute with a hand mixer and it will get slightly fluffy – just fluffy enough to impress yourself 🙂

As you can see, I didn’t use an electric mixer, because I was too impatient.  I took a little early taste test and had to have more pronto… so I slacked and decided the high peaks could wait until next time.

High peaks or not, I am so impressed by this super easy whipped creme that I find no reason to buy the regular kind anymore.  This stuff tastes a thousand times better and its healthy! Its a win-win!

The first thing I tried it on was some organic almond milk chocolate pudding I found at Whole Foods.

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 this is a match made in heaven

This would taste fabulous on just about anything. I mean lets be real… what doesn’t whipped cream taste good on? I would put it on banana soft serve, a bowl of mixed berries, a warm brownie, waffles, oatmeal, hot chocolate, the options are endless.



The health benefits of this creamy goodness….

According to coconutoilbenefits.biz:

Fights Lipid Disorders

Regularly drinking coconut milk either in smoothies, desserts or in other foot items helps to maintain a balance of lipids in the body. Thus coconut milk is a good medicine against hyperlipidemia – the condition of too much cholesterol in the body. Hyperlipidemia causes coronary problems, strokes and other vascular disorders. The Indians in their traditional medicine called Ayurveda consider coconut milk a very important medicine.

According to drgranny.com:

  1. Helps to Maintain Blood Sugar Places: Glucose intolerance may cause manganese deficiency in your body. Coconut milk is a rich source of manganese. Whole grains, legumes and nuts are some other excellent sources of manganese.
  2. Keeps Skin and Blood Vessles Flexible and Elastic: Copper is a very important mineral for most of the bodily functions. Copper and vitamin C help to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.
  3. Aids in Building Strong Bones: Coconut milk is not rich in calcium, but it is rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient that the body needs for strengthening bones. It is must to take phosphorus with calcium particularly to prevent bone loss because it supplies phosphate to the body.
  4. Helps to Prevent Anemia: Lack of iron is the most common nutrient deficiency among the people throughout the world. Iron deficiency in body does not allow the body to develop enough hemoglobin for keeping sufficient oxygen levels in red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Each cup of coconut milk supplies the body with nearly a quarter of daily value of iron.
  5. Helps in Controlling Weight: This can be good news for people who are trying to reduce weight. Coconut milk makes you feel full very quickly because of high concentrations of dietary fiber.
  6. Decreases the Risk of Joint Inflammation: Selenium is an important antioxidant. It controls the free radicals and thereby helps in relieving the symptoms of arthritis. It is observed that people with low levels of selenium may suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
  7. Helps in Lowering High Blood Pressure: People who are concerned about their blood pressure will not face any problem consuming foods containing potassium. Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure levels in the body.
  8. Helps in Maintaining Healthy Immune System: Coconut milk helps in warding off colds and coughs by keeping the immune system healthy. It supplies vitamin C to the body which boosts the immune system.
  9. Promotes the Health of the Prostate Gland: Zinc plays a vital role in promoting the health of prostate gland. A preliminary study showed that it slows down the activities of cancer cells.
  10. Relaxes Muscles and Nerves: Whenever you feel muscle cramps or muscle soreness, have some food along with coconut milk. It is rich in magnesium and can help you in relieving the problem. One of the functions of magnesium is it acts as a gate block in many nerve cells. If magnesium is not present in body, nerve cells become very active because of calcium that activates nerves. Excess contraction of muscles is caused by over-active nerve cells.

xoxo Jennifer

Have you ever tried cooking with full fat coconut milk? 

What is your favorite thing to top with whipped cream?