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This recipe is one of my favorites. I haven’t made it in a long time though, and after today I am not sure why.

Its time to bring it back.

Its easy to make, healthy, vegan, full of vitamins, and you probably have all of the ingredients already on hand.

Chovocado Pudding (serves 2-4)


  • 2 medium ripe avocados
  • 2 tbsp almond milk (use coconut for even thicker consistency)
  • 5 tablespoons raw cacao powder (or regular cocoa powder)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • about 3 tablespoons of agave (I was running low on agave, and I don’t usually measure exactly, so I used one very generous squirt of agave and about a tbsp of organic turbinado sugar. I suggest taste testing and adding more sweetener or less to your own liking. You could also use honey or a few dates as your sweetener.)

**If you are diabetic, or would prefer to not use sweetener, just add two medium-really ripe bananas instead of sweetener, increase the cocoa powder if needed possibly 2-3T more, and add a tsp. or so of cinnamon**


Scoop the flesh from your avocados into your food processor. Add in the rest of the ingredients.

Process til smooth.

BOOM! You are done.

If you are in need of healthy fats for the day ~ divide your pudding into two separate cups. Otherwise, divide among four small cups. A little goes a long way with this special treat.

This pudding is thick, rich, and tastes heavenly. You would never guess it was made with avocado.

I can’t say a little dollop of homemade whipped cream wouldn’t go nicely with it.

If you are making it for someone special, (someone weary of healthy tricks) don’t tell them what the key ingredient is.  Just prepare them a bowl, serve it, and then watch as it gets devoured. When you do spill your secret, I bet they will think you are lying!

Make this! You will be surprised with how you can transform a creamy nutritious avocado into chocolate bliss.



What is your favorite thing to make with avocado?

Have you ever tried avocado in your smoothies?