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 How Big is Baby?

According to babycenter.com: This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. She’s rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and her skeleton is hardening. The bones in her skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for her to fit through the birth canal. (The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a conehead-like appearance.) These bones don’t entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as her brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

According to babiesonline.com: By now, you have all the amniotic fluid you are going to have and the amount will remain consistent until delivery. Your baby’s brain continues to grow, and increase the size of her head. Your baby continues to develop fat deposits under the skin, which can alter skin color. If you’re having a boy his testicles have moved from their location near the kidneys through the groin to the scrotum. If you are having a girl, her clitoris is relatively prominent. Your baby is approximately 17.5 inches long and weighs a little over four pounds now.

According to thebump.com: She weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And she may grow up to a full inch this week — amazing

  • She’s keeping her eyes open while awake.
  • She’s also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing
  • Her bones are hardening.
  • And she’s going through (more) major brain development — that’s one smart baby!

How I’m Feeling Physically?

I am actually having frequent Braxton Hicks contractions that are quite painful on and off. I get them no matter what I am doing –  I could be walking across the street, sitting on the couch, or even laying down (writing this post!) and they just come out of nowhere.

I can’t wait to not have to deal with this anymore. Ive heard of some women having non-painful Braxton Hicks before, and I would love to know what those feel like. As every time I have had BH they feel like very intense period cramps. What I would do for some advil…

Week 33 I didn’t get in as many gym workouts as I had hoped, but we again it was a busy week with my sister in town and SD. I did manage to get in three gym workouts. The usual 45+ min on the elliptical. Each day at the gym I would do about a half hour of resistance/weight training instead of the Netfix Target Toning video.

Now that life can return to somewhat of a normal schedule I plan on hitting the gym today and everyday after that. I love the way I feel after I finish a workout and am anxiously awaiting the day I can run, start doing intervals on the treadmill, heated yoga, and get my heart rate back up without worrying about harming our baby. Just a few more weeks!

I am pretty short on breath these days. Simply standing for too long (sometimes just a few minutes) makes me feel short of breath. I feel like an old lady that way. I can feel where the top of my uterus is and it reaches all the way up to just underneath my boobs and there is literally no room for my organs. No wonder I am short of breath my lungs have no room left.

Meals these days need to be small and frequent. I always carry three farm fresh clementines, a honey crisp apple, and one or two Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bars in my purse to make sure I have a snack if I ever get hungry (I ALWAYS DO!). Chase and I tend to snack together, so I bring extra for him. I could probably start using my diaper bag I carry so much crap with me! LOL

Also, water. I bring a bottle of water with me everywhere. It is my go-to beverage. Everytime we go to a restaurant, water is what I order. I try to drink as much of it as I can because the second I get dehydrated, I get a migraine, or more Braxton Hicks. Plus water is so good for you and helps to keep your body regular 🙂 I can never get enough.

How I’m Feeling Emotionally?

I am getting very excited that Hayden is only about 6 weeks away from being here. We have just about everything covered that we need for her, but it seems like each time I cross something off the list, something new gets put on it. I have slowed down a ton on the online shopping. It was just a few weeks in a row that we were getting packages every.single.day. and it seemed like overkill, but its nice to be prepared for her early and have about 95% of the things we need for her arrival. Being a first time mom I worry about everything and want to make sure we have covered all of the bases so I won’t have a crying baby and need to run out and pick something up at the store (which is ultimately inevitable at some point I’m sure) but ya know what I mean.


Chase and I have been discussing a possible big change in our very near future (not about Hayden) that I will share with you if it ends up working out as we hope it will. It has been on our minds for some time now and if we decide to go through with it I will let all of you know asap! We are sooo excited 🙂 I REALLY want to share the news now but my lips are sealed for another week or two.


  • pregnancy length so far: 33 weeks, 6 days
  • weight gain: +19 lbs. 
  • 44 more days until baby! (6 weeks, 1 day)
  • last week we bought for baby: diaper genie, diaper bag (Coach baby bag – I’ll post pics soon), some BPA Free Playtex Drop-Ins bottles, a black K’tan baby carrier, a rock n’play sleeper, waterproof bibs, sophie the giraffe teethers- the large one, and the smaller vanilla flavored ring, various medela nursing items, and a few other little things
  • still need: medela breast pump, bottle sterilizer, baby white noise machine from brookstone, books, hamper, and the ergo carrier
  • craving: pineapple, special K with strawberries n almond milk (40cal.), smoothies, organic mixed greens salads with chickpeas, grape tomatoes, sliced baby carrots, red onion, red bell pepper, persian cucumbers, avocado, and a sliced hard boiled cage free organic egg. This salad tastes great drizzled with either one of my two favorite dressings ~ A.) Garlic Expressions Dressing or B.) Hummus mixed with a little Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (about two parts hummus, one part ACV)

Baby Bump Pics

my belly feels HUGE!

And here we are last night. We went out to dinner @ Wokcano a great sushi place… although they do offer cooked fish sushi, I was in the mood for pad thai. So good 🙂

My sister and I…

and Chase and I..

What do you always bring with you as a snack in your purse?

What baby items did you buy and could have gone without?