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Here is another sneak peak at how Hayden’s nursery has progressed…

her changing area/dresser

her cribswinghigh chairgliderjust a few pictures for you all to see of our home being transformed into a baby friendly place.

We still have to set up her white huge white bookshelf (where I want to put some of her pink storage baskets, picture frames, toys, books, etc.) This is going to go to the right of her dresser/changing area.

Other things to set up: white wall shelves, hang pictures, and hang her headband organizer. ย We also still need to buy a rug, lamp, hamper, and maybe put up some wall decals. I am undecided on the decals..

ย Her nursery is coming along, slowly but surely. I’m pretty happy with the way it has turned out so far ๐Ÿ™‚


Since I can not seem to find any diaper bags that I like… I have decided to just buy a oversized handbag and buy the necessary items that go inside the bag separately. These are what the ones I am debating between right now…

or this one…

what do you think?


And since I am gave you a little tour of her room… I thought I might give you a peak inside her dresser/closet..

This is her newborn and 0-3M onesie drawer (newborn always on the left and size gets bigger towards the right) ~

this is drawer #2 filled with newborn/0-3M/3M leggings, jeans, tutus etc.

drawer # 3 with 3-6M colder weather outfits

her sock drawer filled with: socks, tights, leg warmers, and mittens

her closet on the newborn side

the 0-3 month and 3 M side

her organizer filled with lots of blankets, hooded bath towels, bath robes, receiving blakets, burping cloths, swaddles, boppy covers, hats, bibs, and shoes

and a full view of her closet (the bottom is going to be organized once we get her bookshelf set up, the pink storage bins will be neatly stacked in there)

both boppy pillows

and lastly, her bathtub

What are your feelings about using a bumper in your baby’s crib?ย I have decided to keep the bumper in the crib, as Hayden probably won’t be sleeping in it until she can roll over and is done with the swaddling stage; by that time it won’t really make a difference.

Does anyone know of any diaper bags that are cute and don’t actually look like a typical diaper bag?ย Please do tell!!! ๐Ÿ™‚