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We had our 4D ultrasound this morning, and it was almost another re-do! Hayden had her feet up near her face again, and her face was actually down so we didn’t see much of anything for the first 20 minutes. Then when we were about to give up, Chase stepped out to go to the bathroom, and the second he did she came out from hiding! The tech and I were worried he was going to miss it, but luckily men use the bathroom at lightning speed and he came back in time. Once he returned Hayden decided to give us some more face time and we finally got a few decent pictures. We had the “Platinum Package” which for $100 includes:

  • 30 minute 4D session
  • State of the art GE Expert System
  • 30 minute color DVD set to music
  • 24 color pictures
  • 15 B&W pictures
  • 3 8×10 color pictures
  • CD rom with up to 225 digital color pictures
  • photo album
  • 4 color photo buttons with pictures of the baby
  • hear the baby’s heartbeat
  • viewing for up to 15 people
  • 100 inch theatre screen & 3 viewing monitors

This is what the ultrasound started out like:

(we thought we saw some open eyes here?)

then it was more legs and feet…

she sure loves her hands and feet!

and here you get a good shot of her face… I see Chase when I look at this pic.

The tech told me that she could see hair growth on baby’s head, which wasn’t there at our 25 week scan. And that she has eyebrows! My sister and I were both bald babies, so for Hayden to have hair already growing shows more signs of strong genes from Chase.

Towards the end, we were going to get her heartbeat put into another teddy-bear to take home, but she had the hiccups so we are going to do it next time. Her heartbeat was 149bpm.

I have to say, I think it’s truly amazing how flexible they are in there – with their hands and feet all the way up in front of their face! Reminds me of Gumby. I’ve said this before but she is totally going to love yoga! haha 🙂 Someday we will go together. Maybe even to yoga classes for kids. They have those in California. Like a soccer Mom, I could be a yoga Mom. Did I really just say that? I’m going to be a Mom. Me. How is this happening already? Can I be 26 year old Mom forever?

We are going back for another 4D around 30-32 weeks I think… unless our doctor gives us one for free which would be nice! Come on doc! We have only gotten one ultrasound from our doctor so far… hook a mama up!!!!

Last night I was imagining how cool it would be if there was a sonogram app on my iPhone so I could watch her whenever I wanted. I’ll bet in 15-20 years that kind of technology will be possible. But by that time I won’t be having anymore children. Whoever is going to be the next Steve Jobs I am looking at you. Lets make that happen in the next 5-10!

Happy Tuesday and I’ll end this post with my favorite photos from today …

does anyone else think she looks just like Daddy?!