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I took some pictures before we left the house yesterday … here is 26w6d pregnant.

I always thought my scarf hid my bump pretty well, until Chase and I walked out of the elevator at The Beverly Center and a random man said, “Congratulations!” to Chase.

So, I guess I’m finally showing! In the above (oops kinda blurry!) pic my top is from Motherhood Maternity. Jeans are pre-baby jeans from Bebe, with the belly band of course. Purse is Michael Kors, and scarf is Forever 21.

And here is my bf Chase 🙂

Chase took me out to lunch at Le Petit Four in West Hollywood, one of our favorite lunch spots. He had his favorite: Caesar Salad with Chicken, and a lemonade. I had my favorite: the Chopped Salad and a Soy Latte.

They have a really cute little patio outside that looks out onto Sunset Blvd and its fun to people watch. After lunch we went to the Beverly Center for some shopping. Chase got some new shoes, and I got a black knit sweater at Bebe.

Then we went home and walked the dogs, ran some more errands, and later started getting ready to go back out again. We had a double date with my good friend Yolanda and her boyfriend 🙂

The four of us went to dinner at my all time FAVORITE restaurant, The Bazaar, which is located at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood.  This tapas style restaurant has the most bazaar foods (hence the name). Each plate comes out with exquisite presentation, and almost always looks and tastes unlike anything you have ever tasted before.  Definitely not what you are expecting, but even better. Its hard to describe! This place is a must try if you ever come to LA.  It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Like I said before, everything is served tapas style so everyone gets a bite or two of each entree and then you move on to something else.  Here is what we had:

Jicama wrapped Guacamole (this tasted like chips and salsa)

Not your everyday Caprese (Cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella that explodes in your mouth, basil, pesto olive oil and a little balsamic)

Market fish ceviche and avocado roll – (Ceviche rolled into an thin slice of avocado)

Croquetas de pollo (one of my faves! ~ cheesy béchamel on the inside mixed with really soft and creamy chicken- just melts in your mouth)

Philly Cheesesteak (Crispy air bread filled with oozy liquid cheese and topped with Wagyu beef )

Hilly Cheesesteak (same as above, but veggie version with King Trumpet mushrooms)

Foie Gras Sliders (Foie Gras topped with quince paste on toasted brioche buns topped with coarse sea salt, my other favorite!!!!)

Well there you have it! That was our fabulous day yesterday. Filled with lots of amazing food. The top notch restaurants are definitely one of the perks of living in the city of angels. Hope you all are having a great weekend! 🙂

xoxo Jennifer

What is the most bazaar food you have ever eaten? 

Do you like to eat tapas style or have one whole entree to yourself?

What is your go-to cocktail when dining out?