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Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

My day started with a doctor’s appointment bright and early with the lovely glucose test. Here is how it went:

The nice girl at the front desk gave me this little plastic wanna be-orangina bottle…  I opened it, had one sip and thought, meh… not too bad! I can do this no problem. To my surprise after a few more gulps I was ready to gag. This crap tied my stomach into knots and the more I drank the more repulsive it became. WAY TOO SWEET! Call me a baby, but I considered the childhood strategy of plugging my nose just to finish it.  I’m sure I was making some really attractive faces while forcing it down. There was a young couple across from me who might have been staring. Or maybe they were just curious why I was given an orange “soda”. LOL.

Not to mention the baby wouldn’t stop moving around afterward… felt like she was doing zumba in my belly! Very hard intense movements- I don’t think she cared for the stuff either!

An hour after the drink was finished, the nurse took my blood. Then we went into another room where my doctor came in and took the baby’s heartbeat and measured my uterus. They said our baby was growing and 100% right on track still.

I wish there were more free ultrasounds offered during pregnancy! However, our doctor’s office is packed as is, so I can see why they don’t.  If every gal in there had an ultrasound each visit they would not fit in nearly as many people. So, I’ll deal. I am glad we have an alternate source to see our baby at the ultrasound tech’s office (even tho we have to pay, its nice to have another option!) And we have our next (re-do) 4D ultrasound on the 31st, next Tuesday! YAY!

Hopefully we won’t see any more of this…

Rather more of this….

Anyways, I left with no glucose results, and I am assuming they will call me if something is wrong. Fingers crossed I don’t get any bad news! I guess I am just nervous because diabetes runs in my family, my Grandpa on my mother’s side had it, and my mother had Gestational Diabetes during her pregnancy with me! Eeesh.


Onto more exciting news, we have started buying a lot of items for the baby. With some of the gift cards I received at my baby showers in Minnesota, I went ahead and purchased a few things online at Target. Online shopping is really fun and addicting! I read tons of reviews for the items I purchased and am very happy with our purchases (unfortunately I noticed that everything I bought has recently been reduced to about $20 less than what I paid for them two weeks ago! 😛 Oh well.)

The first thing I bought was a Pack N Play. I opted for grey because our condo is super contemporary and I wanted it to look nice with the color scheme we already had going on. This is the Bright Starts InGenuity SleepEasy Play Yard – Briar cliff

Next I ordered the Swing also going with grey – Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing with Plug In-Ally

and I ordered a bouncer – Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer – Vintage Garden

Once my mom is able to send me the box packed up with all of my other baby shower gifts, I will be organizing and putting up photos of those things as well 🙂

And last but definitely not least, Chase made a pretty nice purchase a few days ago for our little one.

We had been talking about the bugaboo stroller for a few months and I had read some really great reviews. And I won’t lie.. we love the way it looks, its matt black, very chic, and modern. This European stroller is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and comes with a bassinet for newborns! At 3- 6 months, we take the bassinet off and put on the other seat and then the baby can sit up-right as shown below.

We also purchased the black Maxi Cosi car-seat that fits with the Bugaboo stroller with adapters.

I am in love with buying all things for baby!

Especially headbands…

some of these were gifts, and about 20 of them I bought downtown LA at a little place many of my former college friends would appreciate (since we went to the Fashion Institute.) “The Alley”, is located in the fashion district, about a mile or so from where we currently live. They have tons of trendy shoes, purses, sunglasses, clothes etc. for really cheap. Think forever 21. You can bargain with the owners too if you are a good shopper. I got these headbands for $1 each. And I am not even close to being finished with my collection. Headbands are an accessory I am head over heals for.

Ear piercing will also happen when she is of age (3 months?)

Do you think a purse would be too much? I kid, I kid.

I have a feeling though, I won’t be the only little girl in the family who walked around in my mother’s high heels at the wee age of two…

xoxo Jennifer

Will you accessorize your baby?

What do you think about ear piercing at 3 months?

I’m not alone when I say I paraded around in my mother’s high heels and fancy clothes am I?

If you like baby leg warmers check out this website – MY LITTLE LEGS these are the cutest little things.