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More accurately, I am 15 weeks, 2 days… but who is keeping track 😉 haha – ME! Everyday brings me closer to meet our baby girl! And I can.not.wait!

I’m not usually a hat kinda girl, but I was trying my bf’s NY Yankee one out today… guess I was feeling Hollywood? haha :D

I ended up going with no hat.. this sweater is one of my new maternity tops from Motherhood. The jeans are my pre-baby jeans from Bebe, I just put the belly band on the top so I don't have to button them.

I went shopping yesterday and got several new outfits and shoes from Macy’s. Macy’s has a department inside of it called “Motherhood” and most of their stuff is super cute, all reasonably priced maternity clothes. And I might be in trouble, because Macy’s is right across the street from the building I live in! Ut Oh! haha. Dressing cute and feeling comfortable while pregnant makes all the difference for me. For the first trimester of pregnancy I felt rather frumpy because I was ALWAYS tired and just wanted to be in my pajamas. Not to mention the changes my body was going through with the bloat, jeans being really snug, and the lack of energy left me feeling unattractive… everyday seemed dreary and I sort of felt depressed.

14 weeks pregnant (last week)

side view 14 weeks... starting to get a bigger bump 🙂

And then the second trimester graced me with its presence! I feel a ton better, more motivated, and I’m actually starting to really enjoy being pregnant. I am getting ready in the morning, eating healthier, working out, and just feeling like myself again. FINALLY! I actually am starting to feel the “pregnant glow” that everyone talks about. It feels nice to feel confident again.

15 weeks pregnant. took this picture yesterday in the gym 🙂 I honestly feel quite a bit bigger this week. Is it just me? (Please don't mind my gym pictures... haha)

Regardless, my baby is growing and I’m going to continue to get bigger and that is a good thing. The scale can not be my enemy anymore. Accepting my new body as it changes is something I am learning to do. Healthy = Happy.

Weight gained: +5 lbs. (gained two in the last day or two)

If you have ever been pregnant, was accepting the physical changes pregnancy brought on tough on you? If you haven’t been pregnant how do you deal with the physical changes of your body?

Do you notice you feel more motivated and confident when you have been working out?

How often do you weigh yourself?