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BABY IS A GIRL! We went in for a gender scan at a local Ultrasound Technician’s office and we were completely shocked to discover that the baby growing in my belly is a little girl! We made the technician check like 10 times. She smiled and was like “I have done this thousands of times- I can assure you I have never been wrong.” I almost still didn’t believe her. The baby was now a she, not a HE, and not an it. LOL. When the news did start to sink in tears started rolling down my face. My boyfriend asked if they were happy tears and of course I laughed and said yes! haha it was just so emotional watching the ultrasound and seeing the baby moving around in there. Β Her mouth was opening, and she was stretching and moving her arms and legs. Amazing! I still haven’t felt a thing yet tho from the outside… so I am really anxious to feel a kick or a flutter soon πŸ™‚

Anyway, the 4D ultrasound is much more clear and totally worth the $$. It was only $59 for us to find out the gender this early! We scored a great deal if you ask me! Plus for $20 extra we got a teddy bear with our baby’s heartbeat inside of it. So when you press the bear’s tummy you hear our baby! Cute!

Short post for today, I am off to the gym! I haven’t been to yoga in about two weeks I am going stir crazy! Must find a new studio this week! Hope all of you are doing well!!!

Here is a 4d picture from yesterday- my bf says it looks like she is waiting for “womb service!” hahaha πŸ˜‰

xoxo Jennifer

Do you want a boy or a girl for your first baby? Β I am super excited we are having a girl, but I would have been happy with either!

What is your favorite machine to do at the gym? Mine is the elliptical πŸ™‚