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Hi friends 🙂 Sorry for the extra long hiatus. I have been at home in Minnesota visiting family and getting through the first trimester of my pregnancy! Yes I am pregnant! And yes, this is why I was sick the last few posts I put up! Veggies really turned me off. To be honest I couldn’t stand the sight of them! Thank God my normal diet has come back and I can start eating healthy again. Morning sickness (all day nausea) really threw me for a loop!

So I am almost finished with my first trimester of pregnancy.. today I am thirteen weeks along. I am going back to Los Angeles tomorrow night and will be resuming my blog posting as soon as I can, I’m thinking this weekend! I have lots of unpacking to do, as my boyfriend moved us to Los Angeles from Orange County while I have been here in Minnesota.  So I have yet to see our new place and unpack all of my kitchen things. I can’t wait, the few pictures I have seen of the new condo are beautiful! Its going to be a nice refreshing change for both the bf and I, especially since we have a little one on the way.  Which btw, everyone thinks is a boy, including myself, however it is a little early to be 100% sure.  We will go in for our 4D ultrasound hopefully next week and get this gender mystery confirmed.  We are so excited 🙂 Hope all of you are well, and come back to see all the vegan recipes I will be sharing soon to come! Stay warm!!!!