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Growing up my skin was pretty clear for the most part, with the occasional stress or hormone related pimple. So last year at 25 when I was breaking out all the time I was really confused what was going on with my body. Turning 25 was a huge transition year for me- it was when I started reading all the health blogs. Mentally addicted to all this knowledge, I really started to take responsibility for my own health. The kitchen became the spot my bf could always find me, and grocery shopping was so much more fun! I started to look for seasonal organic whole foods that I had read about, and would get stuck in the health foods grocery stores- Whole Foods & Henry’s aka Sprouts for hours, just meandering around and reading all the ingredients on everything I bought. These days I know which products contain the ingredients that I approve of and I usually buy the same ones every time- so shopping doesn’t take me as long. When I buy something new – I absolutely give it a quick peak and make sure.

Last year was also when I started buying and consuming lots of raw nuts. Nuts contain protein, fiber, B-vitamins, calcium, minerals, vitamin E, and healthy fats, so I thought I was doing my body a service chowing down on these anytime I wanted a snack. I would eat maybe a few handfuls of raw nuts throughout the day. Right away my skin started going crazy. I didn’t really put two and two together because nuts are an all natural whole food and supposed to be fab for your skin. So I was convinced it was:

  1. The sugar in my baked goods
  2. The infrequent processed food item I would eat
  3. The occasional bit of cheese on a salad

I would then cut all of those things out and try to figure out which one was the culprit. I did this to no avail for many months all the while blindly eating nuts.

My skin kept getting worse and worse! I became really insecure and rather obsessed over my problem. I bought trendy expensive creams for my skin, made homemade masks, got a series of colonics, researched all the ingredients on my skin care products, nothing helped!

Yea I’ll admit it, there were lots of waterworks and self pity-parties. For these few months that I was surrounded by my own negative thoughts, I had really started to wonder if all this healthy food and new lifestyle was really worth it. Would it be easier if I just didn’t care?

HELL NO! And I snapped out of my own demeaning negativity and told that little devil on my shoulder to zip it. I reminded myself that food the Earth provides us is best, its there to keep humans thriving, and full of all the vitamins our body needs. Plant food does not deteriorate health or give anyone disease. I had to continue the healthy path I was on. And I did.

So yea, I was forced to accept that I had oily skin! BLEH. I knew I couldn’t live my life obsessing about this anymore. If you have ever had persistent acne or problem skin I’m sure you can relate to my hopelessness.

On the bright side thanks to acne, I was persistent about further educating myself on health. I became even more strict with what I put into/onto my body. I began drinking green KALE smoothies daily- anxiously awaiting improvement. No such luck. In fact, I wouldn’t find any improvement for months, until a lovely night out this summer when a friend of mine told me “nuts are super oily and made my skin break out really bad.” Really?! Duh… why hadn’t I thought of this before? I realized this was my problem. I stopped eating nuts completely and sure enough… the acne soon vanished. Problem solved. I was a happy girl again! šŸ˜‰

Gradually I did reintroduce my favorite Larabars back into my diet (they are made of dates, some nuts, and minimal other ingredients per flavor – they are also a quick and easy energy snack perfect to stick in your purse) A month has passed now, I haven’t had one pimple issue pop up. Green light for Larabars. Stoked!

I hate to sound like a proactive commercial, but it’s really nice to feel clean and clear again. I have a new appreciation for a smooth glowing complexion. I am confident now when I put on makeup that I can go out feeling my best! If you have clear skin, take good care of it, and never take it for granted. It is one of life’s simple luxuries.

After this little bump in my life, my advice to you is – everything in moderation. All whole foods are very good for you- in moderation!

And with nuts, a very small amount is all my body needs. For you it might be different. I just thought I would tell my story in case anyone out there is going through the same thing. You are not alone. Eat healthy nutritious whole foods to fuel your body- but always in moderation. There can be too much of a good thing. If you keep your body healthy, your skin will proudly show it! You are what you eat! šŸ™‚

xo Jennifer

Is your skin sensitive? What makes you break out? Have you ever had oily skin from nuts?